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Define Your Challenge

Setting Your Own Goals And Rules

The Rules

The rules are that there are no rules. Create your own. We encourage you to set a goal that includes eating more local food than you do now. For some people that might look like “I will eat 100% locally, with the exception of salt & pepper.” And for others it will be more like “I will try one local vegetable from my farmer’s market each week.” More is a step in the right direction. Let us know what you’re doing! Send us a message

Remember,the Eat Local Challenge is individual and not a contest.

The point is to challenge yourself – to see what you can live without and what new sources of foods you can find – and to enjoy. It’s really about thinking local first, doing what you can – and looking for local alternatives that support our communities and economy. Even small changes made over a period of time can have quite a measurable impact.

It’s about setting aside a special time for mindful eating

The Challenge is about taking time each year to reflect on what we choose to eat and our impact on the world around us. When we eat with intention, we can choose foods that are good for the health of our bodies, communities and the earth. Mindful eating is also about taking time to share our food and ideas with our community.

Here are some questions to consider as you define your goals:

  • How are you defining local?
  • How much of the food you are eating will be local?
  • With whom will you share local food?
  • What will your exemptions be? What do you want to eat that isn’t grown anywhere within your local area? For example, you might decide to buy only fair trade coffee and to use olive oil.
Define Your Challenge
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