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How To Participate

Here are some things to try during the Challenge…

  • Try a new recipe made from local foods
  • Go on a Discovery Hunt.
  • Plan your own eat local picnic or party and share some local foods with your co-workers, friends and families Here are a few ideas to get you started:
    • Garden Party – Share your garden’s bounty
    • Harvest Picnic – Shop and picnic at the farm or farmers market
    • Tell the Story – Let your guests know where their food comes from
  • Try one new local food — perhaps a vegetable you’ve never eaten before
  • Read all the labels and ask questions — try to know where your food comes from
  • Buy some food directly from a farmer — visit a farm or a farmer’s market
  • Visit a restaurant that features local foods
  • Come to one of our special events , joining a growing community of mindful eaters
How To Participate
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