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Wondering what it's like to take the Eat Local Challenge? These are five Milwaukee food bloggers who did just that. They shared their experiences, both good and bad, and gave us a first-hand look at what it's like to eat locally in Milwaukee.

Mandi is an executive chef trapped in the body of a social media and marketing professional who blogs about cooking at Cream City Cuisine. Her favorite part of cooking is chopping the ingredients with a large chef's knife, which may or may not be related to her love of the television show Dexter. Some day Mandi hopes to have a job cooking for large groups of people - either entertaining in her home or owning her own restaurant in Door County - or maybe eccentrically entertaining in her home that just-so-happens to be a restaurant in Door County. Her favorite food is sushi, which, ironically, requires little-to-no cooking but a rather large amount of chopping (wink, wink), and her favorite Wisconsin-made product is Rehorst Gin made in Milwaukee by Great Lakes Distillery.

Eating Milwaukee started entirely by accident. We were three college friends who, after being scattered in the post-graduation windfall, eventually all met up again in the great city of Milwaukee. Harkening back to our days in the college Commons, picking cautiously at what the culinary geniuses from Sodexho called "pork piccata" but we were fairly sure was retired circus animals with lemons and capers, we set out, a few years later, to eat together, to enjoy each other's company, to celebrate the city we called home, and to defy every single restaurant cliché we could think of. One night, Joe brought his brand-new DSLR with him to their dinner, took some pictures of their Laotian meal, and Eating Milwaukee was born.

Since then, Eating Milwaukee has struck out to discover the holes-in-the-wall (sometimes literally), the run-down, the secret spots, the neighborhood favorites, and the Milwaukee classics. We celebrate the diversity of our city in all of its forms, and look to food as the One Great Force uniting a disparate and at times fractured society. We rejoice in meeting the people upon whose backs this city was built, and savor the opportunity to eat the food which fueled it. We eat without prejudice, think without walls, and celebrate that which has kept Milwaukee moving forward, even in the toughest of times: a good meal.

Eating Milwaukee isn't an advertisement, and it isn't a livelihood: it is an opportunity for us (Andy, Joe, and Lauren) to broadcast to the world why Milwaukee isn't a fly-over city, isn't a mail stop on the Rust Belt: it's a vital, living, breathing community of people whose lives are enriched every day by the weird, odd, sometimes challenging, but always wonderful tradition of food. And there's always a place at the table for more.

Good Graces is Mary Catherine who quite modestly claims neither goodness nor grace. Educated in dramatic performance & political science, Mary Catherine knew from the start that the politics and drama of food was where her true passion lay. In the last year and a half, she has carved out a cozy internet niche with her unique brand of technique, sass and know-how. A self-taught cook, writer and photographer; she comes to the table armed with a lifelong passion for food, an invaluable twelve year stint in the natural foods industry and a boundless imagination in the kitchen. Stop by and say hello; dinner's at six.

It all started with a little book called "Green Made Easy" and our descent down the rabbit hole towards sustainability began. By day we work in "prairie dog town" (that would be cubicles in the business world). Melissa moonlights as a yoga teacher; Dustin can be found biking or hanging out at a local skate park. Our blog is about our journey into vegan eating, adventures in nature, being "green," personal growth and other random musings. We're a light-hearted couple who loves living in Milwaukee and enjoying all it has to offer. During the two week Eat Local Challenge we're striving to get all our veggies from local sources. Being that we're vegan, we eat a lot of veggies! Follow along to see how it goes.

Blogger Alysha Witwicki is a creative writer with a passion for health, fitness and food. Whether she's training for another half marathon, making homemade candy from scratch or trolling farmers' markets for the freshest ingredients, she's always on the run. is an inside look at how she finds balance between culinary exploration and living her healthiest life.



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